International Award Winning!

Stardust Event Group is proud to be part of a team that has won 1 National and 4 International awards!

2011 ISES Esprit Award Winner — Best Event Décor
2011 ISES Esprit Award Winner — Best Wedding
2010 ISES Esprit Award Winner — Best Wedding
2010 Special Event GALA Award Winner — Best Event Produced for an Individual
2010 Canadian Event Perspective STAR Award
Winner— Best Table Centre


Our Team

With over 30 years in the Audio and Visual Business

Stardust has grown with the industy and the level of expertise is incomparable. Our team has the
experience to know what works best as well as participating in constant training to keep up to the
latest technologies and current trends to deliver the highest quality productions.


Eco Friendly

The latest techologies have improved the ecological footprint

Innovations such as LED Lighting allows brilliant results at a fraction of the power. Not only do they allow increased flexibility in lighting options, but they keep usage and costs down in comparison to conventional lighting. Stardust has invested in these power reduction technologies that benefit more than just the consumer.



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Stardust Wedding
Stardust Wedding

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Stardust Corporate
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